Stopping now is necessary to start again stronger than before

"Stopping now is necessary to start again stronger than before". Message from the Chief Executive Officier of ISA SpA Marco Giulietti.

15 March 2020 | Share

Dear Customers,

Given the seriousness of the situation and the rapid evolution of the health emergency in Italy and worldwide, we decided to play our part to help our country to mitigate the spread risk.

For ISA, safety and trust of both our employees and customers are essential. We have long put in place many security initiatives, even before the action undertaken by the Italian Government. These included: fever control, closure/monitor of congregation areas, Individual Protection Devices, minimum distance standing, listing contacts of each employee, smart working mode for most of us not strictly related to production dept.

We believe that this exceptional moment also requires exceptional signals. We therefore decided to suspend production activities from 16 to 22 March to avoid unnecessary tensions to our production colleagues and their families and to further increase our safety standards. ISA Logistic dept. will be partially operative so as there will not be disruption of the scheduled loads of this week; the rest of the company continues to be at your service in Smart Working mode.

I apologise now for any inconvenience this may cause you next week, even though I’m sure you’ll understand the reason. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all those who have worked in the factory this week because, despite the understandable concerns, have shown professionalism, dedication and courage.

Thank you again for your trust and understanding, we are sure that together we will overcome this hard challenge. Stopping now is necessary, to start again stronger than before.


Marco Giulietti
Chief Executive Officier ISA SpA